Monday, August 27, 2012

A new website and bit of history

Most people know about Latino Heritage via the Latino Heritage parade & jamaica.  It makes sense that that would be the venue.  We've had great Grand Marshals - Lalo Guerrero, Dolores Huerta, Quetzal, Val Zavala, Tomas Benitez, Susanna Guzman, Hector Tobar.  More than 10,000 people have actively participated in the event.

As a group we've done much more and over the next few weeks we'll be writing a bit more about who we are and some of the things we've done.

And you can check out more about us at our new website!  We're very proud of it and thank the committee that has produced it.

Thanks, Sandra M. Gutierrez, Martha Camacho, Javier Carbajal-Ramos, and James Grimes.  With a hand bit of review by Hilda Ramirez Horvath and Roberta Martínez.

Please take a peek. It is a "living document" and will continue to regularly have new information.

Quick History

Lovely red rose with a green stem.1998 - Working with long term residents who are members of the Pasadena Mexican American History Association the first parade and jamaica takes place.
1998 - Latino History Committee expands programming beyond the parade and jamaica and presents Día de los Muertos at Caltech.
1999-2001 - Latino History Committee goes through a couple of name changes. Eventually Latino Heritage is settled on as the name that best expresses the mission and vision of the organization.
2001 - The exhibit The Past Lives Vividly is presented at the Pasadena Museum of History 2001. A Californio wedding is part of the parade & jamaica.
2002 - Latino Heritage working with Pasadena Unified and the City of Pasadena coordinates a citywide celebration of Cesar Chavez.
2007 - The jamaica moves to La Pintoresca Library and Park and programming is expanded to the library and a greater connection with literacy.
2010 - Begin the Every Third Friday film series, a Spanish Immersion preschool Day camp, and panel presentations at Crawford Family Forum.
2010 - Over 1,000 participants are in the Latino Heritage parade & jamaica.