Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vendors at the jamaica, part 1

In keeping with our theme of Our America, vendors at the jamaica will be bringing a wide ranges of wares. As soon as I have images I will share them.
Susan Hernandez, working with her business partner - her mother, has started up the business Latin Inspired Designs, for more images go to LatinInspiredDesigns.com. To quote them, " We are proud to represent the art of Mariachi and Folklorico through our creations". There will also be jewelry and crafty kits available, too.

Please go to their website to get a good look at their work, I'm unable to manipulate the image to do doll justice.


pasadenapio said...

Roberta, I had not idea this blog existed until just now! I've added it to my blog list.

Latino Heritage said...

Thanks Ann. It had been dormant for quite some time but, ta dah, it is revived.