Friday, June 24, 2011

On Defining America and Americans

Both of the images here are copyrighted, meaning that the creator, or owner, have the right to adapt, copy, or distribute the work. To learn more about each you can go to the websites noted below. There is an inherent understanding that there is something unique about the work.

Each of the stories unique but each reflect a more universal experience.

The implications of being undocumented, of being labeled "illegal", of having to work within and without the law are themes that are a part of the movie A Better Life and of the column written by Pulitzer winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas.

Centuries of the convenience and complexity where morals, values, work, and the meaning of legality are brought to both stories. As is the weight of being a story that changes from a philosophical or theoretical discussions of a reality that affects numbers of individuals, in numbers that are hard to comprehend.

Jose has written about his experience - you can read it at site listed below.

"A Better Life" opens today. Because it is not driven by explosions or a U.S. celebrity name it is released in a limited number of theaters. The numbers of people who view it this weekend will make will make difference in future distributions. Please, go see it. This is a story that bears telling to anyone who lives in the U.S. no matter their political affiliation or ideological persuasion.

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