Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Los Tres Louies - only a season late

The last few months have been spent on topics and work that are fairly wonky. Most meetings don't produce interesting photos.

Here are a few pictures from our last event at the Crawford Family Forum on
January 5th, 2012.
Thanks to La Morenita for their donation of three, yes three, Rosca de Reyes. They were large enough that we were able to feed the full house AND to raffle off one of the roscas.
As hoped the The Three Louies provided insights and wisdom sharing how they had gone from where they were growing up to the successes they've achieved so far. It was a bit like a chamber concert - each carried a story that was uniquely their own and yet deeply a part of the Chicano experience. They each shared a bit of their writing. The bits of insights and words played off each other in a night that was inspiring. Louie Perez and his Chihuahua friend produced the most unexpected note of the evening. You know someone who has been a part of the group that brought back La Bamba would have to share it. A chihuahua playing maracas and "singing" La Bamba was one the lighter notes of the evening. Hearing Louie talk about giving Michael Jackson a "flat tire", stepping on the back of someone's shoe, was a personal highlight.

Being the who they are they continued to share their stories and keep the audience enthralled - even the Chihuahua paid attention.
La Morenita bakery and restaurant: 1157 Cypress Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 222-7953.

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