Friday, April 6, 2012

Grand Marshal in 2012 could be...

¡Qué suave siglo!

That was our theme for our first Latino History parade & jamaica in 1998.  Lalo was our unanimous choice to our first Grand Marshal because, as the Father of Chicano Music, we felt his music reflected the Mexican American Experience.  

He came to the parade in his Zoot Suit with his purple hat, looking pretty much as he does in this photo taken elsewhere with members of Los Lobos - Louie Pérez and David Hidalgo.
To learn more about Lalo check out Mark Guerrero, a musician in his own right, and a man who knows a lot of our musical history.
It was great to have Lalo as our First Grand Marshal.  
Any thoughts about who might be our Grand Marshal this year?   
Our focus is going to be about 1840 to 1860.  

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