Sunday, October 7, 2012

What a grand day it was!

Don't look for any parade pictures on this post.  You won't find them.

The parade is wonderful and has great meaning, but the jamaica has so much that often isn't covered.  
Yesterday was focused on 1840-1860 as far as historical content was concerned and, yes, this was an even that was focused on Latino experience and history, but some things cross all cultural lines and linguistic divisions.

The pride of elders looking at the future unfolding before their eyes, 

Maria Mitchell and PMAHA President Manny Contreras
a group smile for a job well done,
Carmen Serrano - Madison Elementary, Sandra Guiterrez - Chairperson, Javier Carbajal-Ramos  - PCC
bringing history alive through old time games,
Students and Education Chair, Kathee Bautista
keeping culture alive through performance
Sol y Luna dancers with Gabriela de Leon
 connecting science and history thanks to a water pump wagon
Michael Crosby of Rancho Los Encinos

or learning about more than science from the students of Caltech.

photos - James Grimes

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