Thursday, August 22, 2013

With a little help from our teens

The La Pintoresca Teen Education Center (LPTEC) is one of the places in North Pasadena that supports our teens.  Great place offering great opportunities for our teens.  

One of the groups that is at LPTEC is focused on providing service to the community.  

On Tuesday we made a quick exchange - a lesson on local history for some time stuffing sponsorship envelopes for the event for the 15th Annual Latino Heritage Parade & jamaica.  Adult volunteers Alex and Jose helped out, too.

Many folks think that the event is primarily run by the city or that those of us involved are paid.  Neither of those facts is true.  Yes, we'd love to have Sponsorship like the Black History Parade, but we're receiving support at the Co-sponsorship level.  So we have a real need for getting financial support from members of our community.

We've been 1,000 strong in the Parade for the past several years.  Thanks to all of our volunteers, who come from all backgrounds and all ages, who bring their own gifts to the work.  Our event is a success thanks to their dedication.

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