Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In the Crawford Family Forum

Lucky us.

KPCC/SPCR's mission is to "strengthen the civic and cultural bonds that unite Southern California's diverse communities. So they host events that engage an audience as part of programming through community engagement and building cultural awareness".

So when we approached them about a screening of "When Worlds Collide", co-written and narrated by Rubén Martínez, they were not only open to the idea - they were most enthusiastic.

The documentary is focused on the latino experience but many of the topics covered in the documentary are issues that folks from any heritage can relate to with some ease.
Because of this groups like the Cherry Blossom Festival, NAACP and YWCA join us as outreach partners. As Cherry Blossom's Wendy Fujihara Anderson shares "When you step back you that our cultures may be different, but historically we've dealt with many of the same issues.

Again- lucky us.

KPCC reporter Adolfo Guzmán-López will join Rubén Martínez in a conversation after the screening. I don't know what tack they may take with the conversation but do know that it will be insightful and that it will contain ideas that will have audience members thinking about identity in ways that may be new and exciting.

Latino Heritage is proud to be one of the hosts of this event.

Lucky us.

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Sharon Mcnary said...

Your enthusiasm is much appreciated. I'll try to be there!