Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Partners in work and in history

Cherry Blossom Festival Southern California is one of the organizations with which we regularly partner. If it were possible for groups to be friends, they would be one of Latino Heritage's Best Org Friends. We have been doing things together supporting each other's missions for close to a decade.

Executive Director Wendy Fujihara Anderson has helped us with the jamaica. She is a gifted producer, who is talented in many ways, and has used her skills to help us with everything from exhibitors to press releases. We have helped as we can, and been happy for doing so.

We have valued the similarities of the Latino and Japanes American experience. Folks of my generation who self identified as Chicano/Mexican American have often experienced being neither here nor there; our identities are often set by being a part of the United States and a part of our Mother Country. Individuals and segments of our community sometimes have to think hard about what that means to each of us on a day to day basis. Mestizo, hapa, mulatto - all ways of defining where we come from and who has helped us define who we are.

Adolfo Guzmán-López shares similar thoughts in the link below.

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