Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering Manuel

I came across this image of the Garfias Adobe while getting ready for our portion of the Pasadena Digital History Collection exhibit. The adobe was located on the southern end of the arroyo - just across the South Pasadena border.

Don Manuel became the first person to own the property under U.S. patent. His wife Luisa, was a daughter of the owners of the Avila Adobe - located on Olvera Street in Los Angeles.

Luisa gave birth to their son, Manuel E. Garfias, at the adobe.

This tiny bit of history is shared because the Garfias family was among those living in the Pasadena that were affected or connected with the U.S./Mexican War and the Civil war. Battles and strategies of each of these wars took place in Southern California. It is important to remember those like Manuel E. Garfias who died elsewhere and then were returned home to be buried.

Image - Pasadena Museum of History


Patrizzi Intergarlictica said...

I've always wanted to know more about Luisa.

Latino Heritage said...

Like much history of folks that were marginalized it's a bit of a challenge to find out more about her or about other women of the era. One source that I've found helpful is Hiram A. Reid's History of Pasadena
Latina specific history -
"Latina Legacies", Ruiz & Korrol
"500 Years of Chicana Women History, Betita Martinez