Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 Community Grand Marshal

So you can easily see he is handsome, perhaps one might even call him debonair, but who is this person and why do you think he was chosen to be our Community Grand Marshal?

Answers tomorrow...

In the meantime here is a quote from him regarding Community Grand Marshal.

"The Community Grand Marshall is a symbol of the Latino contribution to Pasadena. California Native Americans, Mexican people, and later, new immigrants, tilled the soil and built our City. We walk in their footsteps. They planted the trees under whose branches we rest and they decorated our historic buildings. We honor their memory through our achievement in education, business, excellence in Arts and Culture, civic and community leadership and service. We stand upon our ancestor’s shoulders! I proudly honor our past, celebrate our present, and lift our future onto my own shoulders!

“Si Se Puede!”

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