Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A bit of this, a bit of that...

Busy times now and busier times just around the corner for many of us.  Latino Heritage will be at the Levitt Pavilion tomorrow night and will be sharing information about upcoming events.

Our next General Planning meeting for the 2103 Latino Heritage Parade & jamaica will be on Wednesday, August 7 from 5:30-6:30.  It will take place at La Casita in the Madison Neighborhood, 805 N. Madison Avenue, Pasadena, CA  91103.

These gorgeous banners were painted by the students of VADA/CADAM at PHS.  Happy to share that the La Pintoresca Teen Education Center will be actively involved this year!  Watch for more on this in future posts.

It was a very hot day a couple of weeks ago when a bench dedication took place at Eaton Blanche Park!  The heat didn't stop the members of COPA and PMAHA from gathering at the dedication. Some of the founders of COPA - originally Chicanas Organized for Progress and Advancement (in education) - are also the founders of the Pasadena Mexican American History Association.    

Groups with a similar background but with a different focus.  The former is dedicated to raising money for scholarships for Latinas, the latter is dedicated to preserving the Mexican American history of the Pasadena area. 

Members of COPA
I wasn't able to get any pictures of the officials that came for the beginning of the dedication, but I did get this photo of Congresswoman Judy Chu who recognized the fine work done by the group.  I'm betting that the COPA website will have have the other officials like Mayor Bill Bogaard and Police Chief Philip Sanchez.  

Sandi Mejia, PMAHA President, Congresswoman Chu, Darlene Leyba, COPA President
Latino Heritage is one of the organizations that are a part of the Pasadena Latino Coalition.  This past Saturday Congresswoman Chu recognized the work that the group has done over the past two years. 

One of the fine things about the PLC is that different member groups come together to work on different projects and topics.  We have members in the group that decidedly politically conservative and others that are most liberal.  Yet others that want to have nothing to do with politics.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the group is that there is recognition that there are many ways to promote advocacy - sometimes through activism, sometimes through providing social services, and sometimes giving a voice to a community through the arts and public history.

Thanks to all who recognize this.

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