Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrando los 15

15.  You say the number and in certain circles the first word that comes up is Quinceañera. Los 15 can be an acknowledgement of a coming of age, of entering society, of taking on more adult responsibilities, or a incredibly elaborate party.  Los 15 can be all of these things...and more.

For us at Latino Heritage Los 15 means our 15th annual Parade and jamaica.  So this year we will have some ideas that will be connected to 15, as well as ideas will connect with the era we're focused on - 1912-1932.  Lots taking place in Pasadena and California in that era.

We plant to highlight 15 families that were in the area during this era.  Some families will have last names that may be familiar to most Pasadenans and some will only be known to small circle of folks who grew up in Chihuahuita, Southside, or Wynona Cypress.

The children in this undated picture were at Junipero Serra School - a school built for Mexican students.     I wonder if we will meet someone who knows some of the their names or knows why they are dressed as they are?  We'll share these, and other pictures on our facebook wall.  

It will be updated next Wednesday, July 10th.

We will have a long overdue update on our Latino Heritage by the first week of August.  

Our first general meeting will be Thursday, July 11th from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at La Pintoresca Library/Conference Room.  

You are cordially invited to join us.  

We have a lot of fun and organize an event that welcomes all to a  day where community and history are shared by all attending.


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