Monday, October 28, 2013

Part of the Parade, part 2

Being a part of cute, community parade can be so many different experiences. 

It can mean that you are as much being seen as seeing those who are watching you,

having fun and expressing multiple roles while taking part in an intimate celebration,

appearing a bit intimidated while walking at the head of a group,

looking just as smart at the end of the parade as you did while you were marching,

 embracing the past and the future in a single image, 


receiving kudos
for the quiet support you have given over years that made this all possible - 
2013 Doña Eulalia Award 
recipients - 
Alex Schultz & Diane Walker

Images courtesy Brian Biery - link below.

1 comment:

Ann Erdman said...

Oh, Brian does such good work at capturing the moment! And I love that the child being carried by her mother is wearing a Mothers' Club shirt. Indeed, she is the future!