Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At Home in Chihuahuita

Pictured here is the Contreras family. The little boy in the cab is Manuel Contreras one of the founders of the Pasadena Mexican American History Association. The history of his family in Pasadena is one of many that are shared by this proud group. It is they who worked to have the first plaque commemorating Latinos in Pasadena placed in Villa Parke.
Canto Robledo merits an entry dedicated to him solely - more on him in a future date.
In the meantime, when you come to La Pintoresca Library and Park following the parade go to the technology room.
There you will see a documentary that shares some of what it was like to live in the Pasadena area during the 1940s. This documentary is cobbled from 16 mm film that was shot in the area at that time. We are lucky that Manny's uncle gave the film to him, that Manny shared the film with Latino Heritage, and that now, we can share this film with you.

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