Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Latino Heritage printed program "Welcome" to jamaica

Our America.

We originally chose this theme as we were thinking of two profound anniversaries occurring this year. The 200th anniversary of the independence from Spain that took place throughout most of Latin America, and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, events that changed the history of the Western Hemisphere of the world. And forever changed the lives of all who lived in the United States.

The images and sounds of the Mexican Revolution have informed much of the visual and musical arts of the twentieth century. The Adelita leaving the train, the corrido, dichos, the home arts - crochet, tatting, or knitting. Even the mariachi and conjunto music are related to this time. And to the heritage of many of the children who are at the jamaica. These were images and individuals that had an impact on the lives of their families, no matter which side of the border they lived on.

Those who lived in the Sonora or Chihuahuita areas of Pasadena also had a chance to learn about Raggedy Ann, about Pollyana, and about the games that were played locally. While the parents or grandparents may have known about what life was like in another country in the 19th century, the children of the Pasadena learned what is was like to live in the United States in the 20th century. All valuable, all remarkable, and all a part of Our America.

On behalf of Latino Heritage and the Latino Heritage parade and jamaica Committee I invite you to enjoy yourself as you enjoy the arts, cultural experiences, heritage and history that will surround you.


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