Sunday, October 3, 2010

Community Grand Marshal Ruth Cervera

Ruth Cervera grew up in "Little Valley"and graduated from Lincoln High School in 1949. She grew up in a family that knew the value of a dollar, but also knew the value of sharing what you have with others. Where moving ahead was a good thing as long as you had a hand extended to others to follow you and share good fortune.

She met, and then married, Emilio "Hip" Cervera, after graduation. In time they had 5 children all of whom went through PUSD. While they were attending school Mrs. Cervera was actively involved; at one time she was Room Mother for 4 different classes. And she was heavily involved in PTA .
She, her husband, and other parents responded to the social and political changes that were taking place in the late 60s. This contributed to their decision to recognize the unique needs of Chicano students; they established summer sessions where curriculum reflected the experiences of the students' families and histories. Mr. Cervera became the first Director of El Centro de Acción Social.

When the youngest child in the family was attending college, Mrs. Cervera began a career in libraries. She began as a Library Aid, by 1978 completed here Associate of Arts degree and was working in the Pasadena Public Library system. She found that books and education were her passion. It is with that passion that she continues to encourage family members and acquaintances to get the best education possible and to give back to community.


Patrick said...

Great woman! both to others and her family, especaily her grandchildren!
love her grandson
Patrick Jr

Joseph said...

Congratulations to "mom" Thank You for your stories of how you struggled and succeded and for pushing us your grandchildren to do what it is that makes us happy. I love you always,


Auntie Cuca ..... Thanks always for the encouragement you always give. Still in school and almost done with the jc level . I will have to swing by for some wisdom cause university level makes my knees knock.
Love love and congratulations
Your favorite,

Monica said...

Congrats! It is a well deserved honor, although I know your humbleness would think otherwise. Your push for higher education, community involvement, the empowerment of women, and a compassionate helping hand has enabled family, friends, and community to see the “bigger picture” around us. Anyone who comes in contact with you immediately recognizes what a strong, thoughtful, “no nonsense” woman you are. You are loved and respected by many and especially me… Love, your granddaughter, Monica