Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Printed program cover art

We chose to have our logo as part of our printed program this year because we wanted to highlight the diversity within our community.
When Yvonne Ruiz designed our logo, many years ago, it was our intent to have a group that reflected multiple heritages. There are those of us who have no idea of our roots and others who can share specifics. Many of us have roots that reach to Asia, Africa, Europe and the indigenous cultures of Meso America.
Our children reflect that in the way they look. I suspect if the children in the logo could talk some would speak only Spanish, some only English, and some would be comfortable with variations on Spanglish. There would also be those whose parents spoke another language.
Thanks to Liz Espinoza for adding the papel picado frame which is based on a lace pattern. It helps to draw our eyes back to our children, which is in so many ways, our continuing mission.

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