Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sometimes the number says it all

Please be patient with us and with each other on Saturday.
We've grown by about 200 this year.
We have new groups that are joining us and a couple of small changes. Your group can help us by keeping in mind -
1. Please keep in formation until you are in the park. With this many parade participants we will need to have the line moving all the way into the park. I
IF your group stops you potentially will be stopping several hundred folks from getting to the rest of their family or group.
1.We will be giving tickets to Entry Leaders for water for those who are in the parade. If you do not give us a number in your group by tomorrow noon we will not have tickets, or water for you.
2. Water will be available in the park and will be given to you. 1 ticket = 1 bottle of water for parade participants.
With this much water please be sure to recycle. Recycle boxes are available, please, please use them.
3. We will all have a really good time is we work with each other.

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